Functional Capacity Evaluation

An IHS Functional Capacity Evaluation uses a series of standardised tests and work specific simulation activities to assess a worker’s functional capacity for work. The IHS Functional Capacity Evaluation is able to be used by insurers as part of gathering information for establishing a injured worker’s capacity for work, for information that may assist case managers and employers in progressing a stalled return to work, clarifying redeployment options, as part of a medico legal evaluation or alternately to assist in redeployment.

IHS are able to customise our Functional Capacity Evaluations to meet the needs of clients or perform Specific Function tests which provide a condensed evaluation of a limited area of an injured workers functional capacity if required such as safe lifting or postural tolerances resulting in the savings of cost of the complete evaluation, time away from work and provide the specific information requiring evaluation.

IHS are able to conduct the Functional Capacity Evaluation onsite in the workplace or our offices locations within the Sydney Metro.