Case Management for RTW Same Employer

IHS are able to offer comprehensive case management services to insurers and employers with the implantation of safe, efficient , durable and cost-effective management of return to work programs for injured workers.

Through our consultants experience in the industry we believe we have the necessary skills to ensure the success of our programs through engagement, collaboration and a proactive approach to each individual case. These attributes, we believe, are the foundations of achieving positive outcomes to restoring injured workers back to their pre injury productivity and wellness.

IHS take a proactive, holistic and outcome focused approach to each case, ensuring we consider the whole person when identifying goals and strategies for return to work. We also ensure low caseloads for our consultants to enable each case to receive the time and individualised approach it deserves.

For each case, a rehabilitation plan is developed through a collaboration with all parties. These plans are always agreed and signed by all parties eg, the injured worker, the treating medical practitioner, the employer and the rehabilitation consultant. This ensures that all parties are working towards the same outcome and all parties involved with a review on a continuous basis through the period of the injured workers rehabilitation with IHS.